Deadbeat Dad Jose Lima Getting Boozed Up In Dominican Alley, Wearing Ed Hardy



If you see a guy wearing a ridiculous outfit made by Ed Hardy, alert authorities. His ex-wife wants the child support.

Melissa Lima, the ex-wife of former MLB pitcher Jose, continues her “Where In The World Is My Baby’s Daddy” search with limited success unless a blogger gets involved to help her.

Deadspin has been on Jose’s trail, tracking down Lima Time to some Dominican winter ball league team.  Now Busted Coverage is getting involved.


It seems that as of October 4th, (see the above photo) Jose has taken to growing out his freakish beard and wearing a way out of date Ed Hardy shirt and skull belt buckle.

Maybe you have been drunk in the Dominican and stumbled into this alley where Lima Time is enjoying a piss warm beer with the boys.

According to Melissa via Deadspin:

What an ass. The fact that he doesn’t pay child support is one thing, but the fact that he doesn’t call his son is bullshit. He should know how much his son needs him.

How sad.

Meanwhile, dad is buying stupid shirts and growing out his get-away beard. This is starting to get fun.

[Searching For Jose Lima: Next Stop…Dominican Republic]



In happier times…


When things started to go wrong…

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