The Afternoon Dump: Just-in’Love Smith, Runners Are Just Crazy, People Drink Milk After Working Out, Horror Movies Reviewed at 10 and 24, 6 Ways To Beat The Flu, & Kayla Is Hot From Columbus


Federica Ridolfi is one hot Italian WAG.

One day away until I head down to St. Louis. Should be a good time.

Missed Nip/Tuck last night, kind of sucks but hopefully it will be back on again sometime soon. I’d rather watch it on my big screen then my  laptop. I also missed South Park, haven’t heard if it was good or not yet.

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Afternoon Dump

Somebody named their son “Just-in’love Smith” [Guyism]
A bizarre way of looking at the Olympic torch-lighting ceremony [Sportress of Blogitude]
Those who run far must do crazy things to their body [The Sporting Blog]
No way anyone actually drinks milk after working out [Sports Crackle Pop]
Shaq and Barkley do the NFL picks [NESW Sports]
Lebron just wants to dunk on George W. Bush [Major League Jerk]
Giant seagull invades news, briefly threatens civilization [Asylum]
A hilarious but dumb video “Shut up women, get on my horse” [Spewf]
5 classic horror movies reviewed at the ages of 10 then 24 [Holy Taco]
6 ways to fight the flu for real [The Bachelor Guy]
Beer pong by Nike [Tasty Booze]
I wouldn’t mind them starting a LMMAL league [Buge Hoobs]
Kayla is one hot girl from Columbus, Ohio [The Hot Quest]
Teri Harrison & Shannon Stewart are two hot playmates [MoonDog Sports]

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