Chick News: Bikini Model Heather Shanholtz Is BC Fan Sportin’ 34Ds And Plenty Of Photos


After that disgusting Brooke Hundley Day yesterday, we thought things needed to be spiced up a little to get you guys back in line.

So it was perfect timing for model Heather Shanholtz to send us an email.

I’m in love with your site and would love it if you featured me as one of your girls.  Attached is my resume and a few photos from my portfolio.

It’s probably the same dopey email sent to 100 other blogs but it seems sincere. We pray she really loves Busted Coverage because it’s important for ladies with giant implants to visit and feel welcome.

Anyway, what do you need to know about Heather.

Um, not much. Just look.


What have we learned about Heather Shanholtz:

• 34Ds

• Lives, sunbathes and looks sexy while living in Florida

• No college that we can find

• Has dabbled in Playboy Mansion events

• Once interviewed Woody Harrelson for Zombieland

• Works as a ring girl

We see so many women on a daily basis they all start to warp together. Boobs, skin and smiles greet us daily.

But women telling us they love the site. That is a new one.

Thanks to Heather for either lying or actually being a great woman who can respect a web operation that wants to show off the beauty of women and videos of fans fighting each other.

Throw it all together and you have Busted Coverage.

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