The Afternoon Dump: Hannah Montana Helps Phillies, Tiger Woods Is The Worlds Most Popular Athlete, LiesWomenTell Better Than LiesMenTell, Shooting Down An Anvil, Religion Choices, & Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian



Don’t know how to say her name, Ardis, but she has a nice body.

So I went and saw ‘Zombieland’ of the weekend. I thought it was good but didn’t really like the ending of it.

About to upgrade the OS on my storm. The new OS is actually suppose to be much better then the previous version. If you want details then check out CrackBerry.

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Afternoon Dump

Hannah Montana meets the Phillies bid to repeat [Big League Stew]
Tiger Woods:most popular athlete in the world [Major League Jerk]
Terrelle Pryor’s HS coach: “I see a robot” [The Sporting Blog]
Longoria and Parker take after Beckham [Sports Crackle Pop]
Mariotti wrote a column about the Bears and Jay Cutler [Tremendous Upside Potential]
Are #LiesWomenTell as good as #LiesMenTell? [Anyguey]
Adventures in chest hair creativity [Yep Yep]
So this is how you shoot an Anvil [Tasty Booze]
Such a sweet port-a-pint collapsible beer glass [Cool Material]
So what religion should you be? [Holy Taco]
Michelle Keegan is one hot 20-something of the week [Head of Fred]
Erin Marie Garrett doesn’t like to many clothes [Buge Hoobs]
Erika Schwarzgruber is the International babe of the day [Double Viking]
Happy 29th Birthday Kim Kardashian [MoonDog Sports]

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