The Afternoon Dump: He Just Wants A High Five, 10 Commandments For A$$ Smacking, OSU Fan Fail, Internet Hoax Guidlines, Alcatraz In Germany, January Jones Is Hottest January, & Demi Moore Is Still Attractive



Is Alisha Lucik the hottest Temptation player?

Guess where I am headed off to this weekend? Yep you guessed it, St. Louis. My buddy is from there so what a better weekend then to go down there. Oh and the Colts are playing on Sunday. The Rams are at a disadvantage, they don’t have a home since they suck this year. Should be another great game for the Colts. They are still number 1 in the power rankings.

Good game last night, Broncos won.

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Afternoon Dump

Wisconsin player just wants a high-five [F Juice]
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The Angels are who we thought they were [Bleacher Report]
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The best carved pumpkin out there [Tasty Booze]
So there is a Alcatraz hotel in Germany [uncoached]
Lindsay Lohan wants a restraining order [Celebslam]
January Jones is the hottest January ever [Frat Fury]
Rachelle Leah is dangerously hot [MenTag]
Sara Carnonero is one sexy reporter [Wii Hotties]
Demi Moore is still attractive [Cougar Patrol]

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