The Afternoon Dump: BCS Is Back At Work, How Men Choose Their Favorite Sports Team, Raiders’ New Secret Weapon, 8 Stores That Should Be In Malls, Gemma Atkinson Turns 25, & Romanela Amato Is Hot

Carmen Electra is still sexy to this day.

Short dump today. Really pressed for time.

Oh and if you didn’t see, Purdue beat Ohio State.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump
The chimps at the BCS headquarters work hard at the rankings [Global Sports Fraternity]
How men choose their favorite sports team: a code [Asylum]
Bernard Berrian accidently twittered a naked chick [F Juice]
Raiders use their new secret weapon: a pigeon [The Sporting Blog]
So how bad is your favorite NFL team? [Major League Jerk]
Triumph visits the doggie boutique [Tasty Booze]
8 stores that should be in every mall [Holy Taco]
Deanna Paige has some nice underboob [BugeHoobs]
It was Gemma Atkinson’s birthday, she is only 25 [MoonDog Sports]
Romanela Amato isnt exactly petite [Double Viking]

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