ESPN’s Jenn Brown The Next Erin Andrews?

Jenn Brown went from being some chick who worked for Inside The NFL, to a chick who worked for ESPNU, to “that chick who just had a feature on Colt McCoy while playing billiards.”

And then our hit counter went nuts with Jenn Brown search results.

On September 21 we wrote about seeing Ms. Brown in Columbus working for ESPNU. The post enjoyed mild success but her profile remained stagnant thanks to so few men really caring about ESPNU.

Then this morning ESPN GameDay gave her the big break. A 3 minute or so Q&A with McCoy.

And now the question must be thrown out there. Is Jenn Brown the new Erin Andrews?

Our reporter on the ground today in Dallas for the Red River Shootout sent us a few pics of Jenn’s work. An hour or so later she’d become an instant star.

Twitter is blowing up.

While Erin Andrews seems to be and says she’d like to scale back on things once this football season is over, ESPN might just be giving Brown or even Wendi Nix the chance to take over her duties as the cute face of the sidelines.

One thing you can be sure of, they won’t be telling you about Jenn Brown’s career as a bikini model.

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