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The Afternoon Dump: NBA Allows Traveling, Athletes Who Killed Legacies, Insane Penalty Shot, Sex Excuse Bingo, Baby Survives Train Hit, Hot Reporter Marisol Gonzales, & Vanessa Romero Makes A Guy Do Whatever She Wants

Carmella Decesare is one hot model and….

Watched ESPN this morning and one of their analyst ranked top 5 college basketball teams. Guess who he picked at number 5? Michigan State. Guess who was number 4? Purdue.

We have Ohio State tomorrow, hopefully we do pretty good.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump
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Apparently people dislike Nickelback [Tasty Booze]
Baby survives after being hit by a train [F Juice]
This Bud’s for him [Cool Material]
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Marisol Gonzales is hottest sideline reporter ever [uncoached]
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Christina Milian is some hotness for today [Wii Hotties]
Vanessa Romero can make a guy do whatever she wants [Frat Fury]

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