Model Ingrid Ullrich Claims Baby Seat Sportin’ Pittsburgh Steelers Player Once Tried To Pick Her Up

Every now and then a hot chick will contact us and ask about having her model photos featured on Busted Coverage.

Pittsburgh-based model Ingrid Ullrich did just that yesterday. And since we appreciate when a woman takes the time to send us an email we obliged, but not before we asked her a couple questions.

In the course of our vetting of this 22-year-old, Ingrid gave us a great story about a Pittsburgh Steelers player who once tried to pick up her and a friend at a bar.

Boom! Instantly worthy of a Busted Coverage feature post.

That and much more (photos) after the jump.

We started off with the small stuff with Ingrid, like a few quick details to get you guys worked up (spelling and grammar HAVE NOT been changed):

I just graduated from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA with a degree in dance. I have performed since the age of three with a great passion in dancing, singing, and acting…which is why I attended college for it! I actually got into modeling through performing. I’ve always wanted to do it and my friends always told me to so I took their advice! I love it!

Ok, now BC starts to get into the good stuff. We ask about the industry and her experiences.

One of the craziest things that have happened to me in this business would be tripping and falling on my face during a fashion show, and then trying to be slick by doing a  dance breaking move on the floor. It was quite entertaining in a dress.

Excellent, but what about getting naked? Is it in the cards?

I do like playboy and I def have considered it BUT I actually don’t know if I’d like being completely NAKED. I like showing a little tease so you can use your imagination for the rest haha, I’d rather not lay it all out on the table!

Well, if a table isn’t your thing, we have a faux leather couch that is rather comfy.

Anyway, now for the good stuff.

BC: Most every beautiful woman who’s ever taken the time to chat with us has a story about a famous athlete hitting on her. What’s your story?

Ingrid: I met a Steeler player with one of my girl friends. He wanted  us to go back to his place. Although, it would have been an awesome story to tell to friends, I lost all interest after seeing baby car seat in the back of his car! NO THANK YOU!

Trust us, we are efforting Ingrid on who that player is. Nothing says don’t go home with me like some Steelers d-bag rolling with a baby seat in his ride.

We might have just found our new favorite model.

Check Out:

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