Bad News Oklahoma Fan: OU Wins 2009 Southwest Airlines Plane Pull, Usually Means Loss In Red River Shootout



Southwest Airlines held its annual Plane Pull yesterday at Love Field.

The pull pits Texas fans vs. Oklahoma fans in a pull-off of a Southwest Airlines 737.

Empty, of course.

The fans race to pull the 83,000 pound jet 50 yards. Fastest time wins. This year Texas fans pulled the plane in 1:42. Oklahoma, obviously hyped up on Red Bull and glazed donuts, went the 50 yards in :59.

But this is where the dilemma comes into play for OU fan. The plane pull winner usually loses the Red River Shootout.


Our crack staff of Indian researches has chased down the results from past plane pulls and the results aren’t pretty for Sooner Nation.

OU has won 6 out of the last 7 Southwest Pull-Offs and is 2-3 in the actual Red River Shootout game.

2003 OU – Won plane pull – Won Red River Shootout

2004 OU – Won plane pull – Won Red River Shootout

2005 OU – Won plane pull – Lost Red River Shootout

2006 OU – Won plane pull – Lost Red River Shootout

2007 UT – Won plane pull – Lost Red River Shootout

2008 OU – Won plane pull – Lost Red River Shootout

2009 OU – Won plane pull – ?????

Our research proves one thing: win the plane pull, lose the game.

The only years the trend didn’t work out was 2003 when Jason White went crazy on UT and 2004 when Oklahoma’s defense shut out UT 12-0. OU had Jason White and Adrian Peterson that year.

So you can throw out all the gambling trends you want to. We’ll just depend on the trend that matters over the last 7 years.

[Texas OU Weekend Kicks Off with the Pigskin Plane Pull – The 33 TV]





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