Cuff ‘Em: Ex-Cheerleading Coach, Teacher Nicole Howell Allegedly Called Sex Buddy Student "Daddy" & Provided Vodka



A couple months ago we told you about a Cincinnati-area teacher accused of deflowering one of her students.

Nicole Howell was a freshman English teacher and assistant cheerleading coach. Then it all came crashing down when a student said the two had been banging.

Enter the police and a trial this week that has been, um, interesting and sorta like a Penthouse Forums letter.


A Cincinnati Enquirer reporter got to sit through the testimony and not snicker.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Stefanie Kastner, who is trying the case with Burns, successfully raised an objection after Deters called the student “this little stinker” three times. Deters claims the student made up the whole story that “he bagged a teacher” so he could brag to his friends.

The student, the first witness, took the stand wearing a double-breasted dark suit and spoke about his encounters with Howell. He repeatedly used slang terms to describe Howell’s anatomy. And he testified extensively about sneaking out of his mother’s home at night, partying and spiking orange drinks with vodka.

We are a little pissed that the slang terms to describe Howell’s anatomy didn’t make the story. But the student wasn’t finished and BC readers are the real winners here.

When asked what Howell said during sex, the student responded, “She called me Daddy.”

Wow. Daddy?

But wait, there is more.

The prosecution says those text messages, yet to be presented in court, contain the student texting Howell about her cute buttocks and her asking the student what “he had to work with in bed.”

Why didn’t this shit happen to us back in high school? First of all, the old white hair teachers wouldn’t retire opening the door to these young, hot teachers. We were too busy chasing chicks our own age which now looks like the wrong idea.

And what kid acts like his world is crumbling after bagging his teacher?

Our conclusion: She was banging the student. He didn’t mind. A parent found out and got pissed. It hits the fan and now the kid is coached into acting like he’s scared for life.

Flash forward 15 years when he’s in a bar with his other balding friends. He’ll have the best bar story ever. We’d declare a mistrial, empty the courtroom and tell everyone to go about their lives.

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[Howell to Testify in Her Defense At Trial –]

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