Chicks: Kristen Renee Is 20, From Cincinnati & Possibly World’s Hottest Native American!


Normally we wouldn’t pay much attention to a hot chick following us on Twitter.

And honestly, we don’t pay much attention to our Twitter account. But when Kristen Renee started following us earlier this morning, it caused BC to pause and take a look at the goods.

What we found was odd and gave us reason to create a post out of yet another hot chick with bikini and lingerie modeling photos.

She claims to be Native American! For all those who haven’t dabbled in this category, let us be the first to tell you it is damn near impossible to find a hot Native American chick.


Kristen Renee has made the rounds in the bikini world.

– Has a Chickipedia page. Look it up. We’re way too lazy this morning.

– Has been featured on G4’s Hot Chicks segment on Attack of the Show – or something like that.

– Says she has been seen in Maxim or on the web site.

– Has worked with several of the best photographers on Model Mayhem.

All of this pales in comparison to the biggest news of the day – her having some Chief Longpole blood in her.

For that, we are fans. Hold on, hear out our logic.


A hot chick who has a land claim somewhere in this country in which a casino could some day be built. It’s like a dream come true for the right guy. You hire some Jack Abramoff-type guy to work over some Congressman who somehow finds you a piece of property in Southeastern New Mexico that once belonged to Longpole and you’re golden.

You get to worry about who she is banging on Friday night but stick with her because the rewards after the government papers come in are totally worth it.

[Kristen Renee – Native American]

[Kristen Renee – Model Mayhem]