Lisa Guerrero & Jim Moret Show Erin Andrews-Style Peepholing Still Possible At Nashville Marriott



We just happened to be eating a burrito last night for dinner and enjoying some television when, for some reason, the TV was stopped on Inside Edition.

Then they showed a teaser for a Jim Moret-Lisa Guerrero expose on how easy it is to still “Erin Andrews” a formerly famous sideline reporter turned WAG without employment at the Nashville Marriott where Andrews was peepholed.

That’s right, Inside Edition set up a sting where Jim Moret would play the creepy businessman wanting a room next to the hot (posed in Playboy… NSFW examples here!) Lisa Guerrero who would play the part of Erin Andrews.



Down the road at the Music City Sheraton, also in Nashville, the clerk asked if Guerrero knew Moret. When he replied, “yes,” she gave him a room two doors away!

JIM MORET: “Were you surprised when I knocked on your door and told you how close I was?”

LISA GUERRERO: “Not only was I surprised, Jim, I was a little bit scared because to me its creepy that somebody can check into a hotel room, tell somebody that they’re my friend or that they know me and 20 minutes later be on the floor – virtually 20 feet from my front door.”

Neither hotel contacted Guerrero before handling the request.

The Manager on duty at the Music City Sheraton told Inside Edition, “It’s just one of those things where you have to feel out the situation. So, if I were that person…I would have called.”

And, when Moret called nearly a dozen other big hotel chains around the country, he was assured there would be no problem getting a room near another guest.

Coming soon….Scott Erickson (Guerrero’s husband) is talked into plunking down even more of his retirement money (see: A Plumm Summer) to make a stupid movie where Lisa falls for a “Peeping Tom” Moret and the two go on a vicious crime wave across western Tennessee after a torrid sex scene at the Nashville Marriott.

There are other parts to the plot but we can’t give them away right now.

What did we learn from this Guerrero-Moret stunner? We had to hit rewind on the DVR because that damn burrito took our attention away from everything Lisa said.

Then it occurred to us – Scott Erickson must love when she leaves the house and gives him some free time to enjoy the millions he still has thanks to that monster contract the Orioles gave him.

[Could What Happened to Erin Andrews Happen Again? INSIDE EDITION Investigates]


Plays Erin Andrews at the Nashville Marriott except we’ve already seen this woman naked.

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