Cuff ‘Em: Punks Rip Off Thurman Thomas Wood Carving Statue, Possibly Drunk!



Buffalo media outlets are in a frenzy this week after news broke of someone ripping off a Thurman Thomas wood carving statue that just made its world debut on Sunday before the Bills-Browns tilt.

TV stations have their senior correspondents on the story. On the radio side you have DJ Jickster claiming it was likely a group of drunk guys with a pickup truck who were responsible for the theft. (Not sure how he came to that assumption considering the thing weighed at least 1,000 pounds.)

Repeat…..DJ Jickster………


The making of the now infamous Thurman Thomas statue.

The Buffalo News has even more salacious behavior news from Sunday’s game, including the near death of fans who were minding their business.

Orchard Park police also had to investigate the escape of a 23-year-old Rochester man accused of fleeing late Sunday afternoon from a holding room in Police Headquarters.

The man, identified as Richard R. Chaffee, apparently managed to get his foot in the door of the holding room before it was closed and locked. He had been arrested at the stadium on charges of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

“He subsequently walked out of the room unnoticed,” Assistant Police Chief Ted Gura said. Police officers quickly noticed his absence, at about 4:45 p. m., but a search of the area was unsuccessful.

At about 6:15 p. m., police received a call from a resident of Lockwood Lane, less than half a mile away, about an intruder in the house.

Getting back to the tree thieves, there seems to be only one guy who can solve this crime – Carl Monday.

Sweeps is coming up. This could be a ratings bonanza.

[Tree statue is stolen in postgame crime spurt– Buffalo News]

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