America’s Hottest College Sophomore Cassie Keller Is Back With New Naked Photos

We annointed Cassie Keller “America’s Hottest College Freshman” last fall and she hasn’t dropped out of college – yet – so she’s now our “Hottest College Sophomore.”

In case you missed it, Cassie attends Central Michigan University, has posed multiple times for Playboy and first got naked for the Hef crew shortly after graduating from high school.

In other words, Busted Coverage is a big fan and continues to support her as she chases down the dream of being a model. This chick should be on all CMU promotional materials. “You could be sitting in a philosophy class next to this woman!”

And then you Google her name and this is what pops up on your screen.


You can catch the NSFW photos on Model Mayhem if you like.

Personally, we’d lose all of our advertisers so enjoy while we make them SFW with our logo.






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