Daily Dump: Gina Carano Hand Bra, LSU-Florida Female Showdown, Tim Tebow Concussion Watch, Dez Bryant Visits Deion, Hilary Rhoda Leaked SI Photos, Sexy Cowgirls And Mariah’s Implants



Listen, honey, how are we going to shoot with you all over that table?

Our first introduction to ladies of the south (of the Ohio River) was at a gas station where some piggish Kentucky looker was wearing a Florida State shirt that seemed to have gone about 3-4 months without a good washing.

Yes, we are now strategically positioned in SEC country with a short drive into the heart of Mississippi on the menu today.

That, and a rack of ribs. This sh!t better be as good as advertised or Guy Fieri is going to pay the price with bad reviews on Food Network message boards.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with 10 Things Women Think Is Cute But Isn’t [Gunaxin]

Gina Carano going hand/forearm bra on cover of ESPN Body [FilmDrunk]

LSU-Florida Showdown! Um, if you like women [Coed]

The Tim Tebow Concussion Watch [EDSBS]

Awesome Trivia Game: Know Your College Football Rivalry Trophies [SimonOnSports]

Dez Bryant visits Deion Sanders house, NCAA suspends him [Bootlegger]

10 All-Time Great Youth Football Kids Getting Crushed Videos [SuperTremendous]

Today’s Tail:

YES!!! Hilary Rhoda leaked 2010 SI Swimsuit Issue photos [Don Chavez]

Yee Haw! Rope yourself some 25 Sexy Cowgirls [Holy Taco]

We continue to be big fans of UCF student Ally Rivera [Uncoached]

If in Russia, don’t miss the Russian cheerleaders who’ll marry you [The Chive]

Yet another hot chick pyramid – what is with these women and pyramids? [Wii Hotties]

Listen up, fellas, Brittany is never sleeping with you unless you hit the lottery [NextRound]

Infatuated with Katy Perry? She has some new mildly sexy photos [UseMyComputer]

The Giant Ass squeezes into this dress for a night on the town [CelebSlam]

…we finish off this short dump with Mariah’s implants [The Beer Goggler]

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