Aaron & His Girlfriend Enjoy Brett Favre Spank-Fest Courtesy Of BC, Find Aaron Rodgers Swallows Shirt



Last week we ran a contest where we gave a deserving Busted Coverage reader two tickets to the Monday Night Football Brett Favre Super Bowl.

Aaron from Duluth was selected after this showed up in our inbox:

The second (and most important) part of this story is my girlfriend.  She grew up in the middle of Wisconsin and is a die-hard Green Bay fan.  Her entire family is now mad at me that the man wearing a #4 jersey for the Vikings is now Brett Favre and not John David Booty.  In the past year my girlfriend has lost her job, been in the hospital for viral meningitis, and had 2 kidney stones (and possibly has another one right now).  It his her 26th birthday on Monday and seeing that I am supporting the two of us on my small salary, the only thing I was going to be able to afford was taking her out to dinner and going home to watch the game…this is my opportunity.

Aaron got his tickets, made the drive to Minneapolis and took part in Vikings history.

His photos of the scene after the jump…..


Emily goes with the classic Ahman Green jersey instead of Judas’ #4.

Aaron’s report from inside the Metrodome:

We made our way inside around 5:45.  A couple players were going through informal warm-ups on the field, but we made our way to our seats (Pic 10). Everyone in attendance received a pink Breast Cancer Awareness towel on their seat.  After finding our seats we walked around the concourse until 6:30 (Pic 12).  Fans in the concourse were all pretty well behaved.  If we walked by a pack of Green Bay fans they would all give Emily high fives and there would be friendly bantering back and forth, but all was in good fun.  Emily told me before we left Duluth that she would boo when Favre was announced as starting QB.  I told her, “if you’re stupid enough to boo, don’t expect me to try to protect you when you get your ass kicked.”  After another round of beer and a hot dog we made our way back to our seats as the specialists made their way onto the field to warm up.

As for the atmosphere inside:

I’ve heard how loud the Metrodome gets…but it was insane.  Louder than any concert I’ve been to…louder than any other event I’ve been to.  When that place got going (and it was going EVERY Green Bay possession) it was SO loud that you literally had to shout to talk to someone next to you and you were still reading lips.

And Aaron’s overall feelings after his first NFL game:

After spending 20 minutes trying to catch a cab we finally got one and headed back to the hotel.  All in all, the experience was once in a lifetime, and althought I am ecstatic that we won the tickets, I have to say you missed a good one.

Our message back to Aaron:

You have no idea how cool it is for us to give back to the readers who visit this madness on a daily basis. It shows us there are people out there who bust their asses but just need a break here and there.

If we can help people who help us, then it’ll happen.

And it helps when readers send back pics that become classics such as “Aaron Rodgers Swallows.”

You have no idea how happy we are to see photos like this in our email.


Metrodome authorities brought in extra security for this NFC Central bloodbath.









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