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From The Couch: UGA Ladies Starting To Rethink That Body Paint Idea

More weekend screen caps at TV Tan Line.

Our weekend football thoughts:

• The Big Ten really is that bad. Northwestern goes to Purdue and wins? Arkansas St. goes to Iowa and competes? Michigan loses to Sparty?

• Terrelle Pryor is really good against teams like Toledo and Indiana.

• It’s nice to see a couple of football fields are still grass that get muddy in a rain storm (example: Notre Dame).

• You think ESPN sent GameDay to BC so it could promote

• Has Florida played anyone this year? A bye week?

• Alabama keeps pounding teams. They should be #1.

• LSU’s QB is so average.

• Charlie Weis’ son is still hanging around the sidelines?

• SEC women wearing their Sunday best is the greatest tradition in sports.

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