Pick Six: Stare At 20-Year-Old Sydney’s Implants And Take UTEP, Duke, Bears & Ravens



You have no idea how many “Check Out My Gambling Picks” emails get through our email spam filter. Some retard in Muncie, Indiana thinks he’s the next Jimmy “The Greek” and blasts us with ‘can’t misses.’

While we appreciate the enthusiasm of these gambling gurus, the links never include poon. Enter Busted Coverage Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor’s new series – Pick Six.

Sydney is a breasted 20-year-old from Houston, Texas.


One of the better stories of this season’s college football season is the Houston Cougars. One of the better stories of this past year happened when a cougar told me I looked “breathtaking” at 1:43 a.m. on a Friday morning. I do not. I am 5-feet-10, 162 pounds with freckles and red hair.

No matter. I did take her into an ally behind the bar. I am really classy. Outstanding moment in behavior. I am sure all my third grade teachers would be real proud. All one of them. You don’t really change classes in third grade.

Fact is, I do not look look breathtaking nor do I pick football games in a manner that can be described as breathtaking. 2-4. again. In three of the four weeks of this excuse to bring you hot ass I’ve finished at 2-4. I’m not giving up.

I’m simply going to go out there and run the plays that they give me.

Alert the captain, it’s time to turn this boat around.

DUKE +16.5 over Virginia Tech (noon, ESPN360)
Just have a feeling this will be the game that they keep showing highlights of during the noon games on Saturday. It’ll be close for awhile.

MINNESOTA -3 over Wisconsin (noon, ESPN)
Might be fun to be in the Twin Cities this weekend. If I was a Wisconsin fan, I’d be heading to Minny-sot-ah on Friday night and heading back to ‘Sconnie on Tuesday morning. Well, Tuesday afternoon. If I was a Wisconsin fan, I’d also be 100 pounds fatter.

UTEP +15 over Houston (9 p.m.)
Trap game for the Cougars. I just think the line is a little too high. Houston by 10.

Baltimore Ravens +2 over NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (1 p.m., CBS)
Baltimore is really good. Excuse me, I’m going to throw up in your mouth a little bit.

CHICAGO BEARS -10 over Detroit Lions (1 p.m., FOX)
Lions coming to play a week after their first big win? Don’t think so. This is like the game after the game where a baseball team clinches its division with eight games to go and then sorta takes the next day off for the Detroit Lions.

New York Giants -8.5 over KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (1 p.m., FOX)
As a Browns fan, thank you Chiefs.





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