LeGarrette Blount Bullsh!t Meter: Exactly Who Is His Letter To Editor Writer?

LeGarrette Blount Bullsh!t Meter: Who Is His Letter To Editor Writer?

Look, people, we’ll get this out of the way right in the lead. LeGarrette Blount really knows his punctuation and spelling.

This is his Letter to the Editor as published in yesterday’s University of Oregon student newspaper, The Daily Emerald.

Perfect use of commas. Hyphens. Periods. Sentence structure.

Yes, he’s coming back. Yes, he’ll be in the lineup by the end of October. USC weekend makes total sense to us. Oregon should be 6-1 heading into the Oct. 31 game at home against USC. They win that, it should be a comfortable run to the BCS.

Blount’s speech writer should be commended for his/her penmanship and Chip Kelly should be congratulated for not conforming to the pundits who say a single punch should derail BCS dreams.

Oregon-Florida? It’s a very good possibility.

[Blount – Sorry for Boise State]

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