Daily Dump: Katarina Witt Lets ‘Em Breath, Florida State Lacrosse Ladies Are Fun, Fox Sports Billboard FAIL, Eagles Cheerleaders Do Maxim, Karl Malone Tailgating At La. Tech, Rachel Stevens 2010 Calendar And New Megan Fox Photos



Kevin The Intern lays in bed wondering if a woman of this quality will ever speak his name.

Yes, we are running late today. It’s called “us trying to get some damn sleep.”

You’d be shocked by how many emails our Vikings-Packers Tix Project generated and the sad situations that several men find themselves in.

Have never been to a NFL game? Um, don’t buy a 20 oz. Coke at work for 40 days and you have a nice seat in the upper deck at most stadiums. In Detroit you can get a prime lower bowl seat.

We’ll get to the winner later this morning. If that person doesn’t respond by Noon, the tickets are going elsewhere. Time is running out to ship them out.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Katarina Witt letting the puppies breath [Don Chavez]

Rachel Neiberding’s giant cans and NFL Betting Trends for Week 4 [Vegas Gab]

Florida State ladies lacrosse get a little drunken [Uncoached]

Fox Sports Billboard FAIL – Favre vs. Packers (this Sunday) [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Eagles cheerleaders do Maxim just for you lonely bums [Epic Carnival]

Bradford totally out of OU-UM game, Mr. Mustache will have to gone alone [Dr. Saturday]

La. Tech fans really love their ESPN broadcasters [TV Tan Line]

And don’t miss this awesome La. Tech-Hawaii photo essay – repeat, don’t miss [Friends of the Program]

Roy Nelson-Kimbo Slice sets Spike/UFC record for viewers [Cage Potato]

College football Week 5 preview courtesy of the cheerleaders [Coed]

32 Pics Of NFL Fan In His War Paint [DJ Mick]

The Kenny Powers Softball Shirt [NextRound]

Weekend Pizza War: Dominos vs. Pizza Hut Delivery Challenge [Manofest]

Typographical Porn [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

Sari is the woman you’ve always dreamed of, yet she won’t talk to you [on205th]

We’ve mentioned it before – Spike is looking for a few hot chicks [The Bachelor Guy]

Julia Crown just another hot chick living the dream until she turns 30 [The Beer Goggler]

Rachel Stevens has a 2010 calendar [Flisted]

Laura Crosby models dozens of bikinis on top of her new breasts [UseMyComputer]

We could see ourselves sleeping with Molito – ball is in her court [CelebSlam]

Because you want to see more Megan Fox in some magazine [Glamzilla]

Blogger hunts for Cougar, likes Keri Russell [Spewf]

Glamour model Michelle looks like she is from New Jersey [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Hot chicks holding a bunny and cat – A Gallery [The Hot Quest]

…and we end with 25 Hilarious Roller Coaster Pics (like vomiting at wrong time!) [Holy Taco]

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