Brett Favre Tix Bailout: BC Busting Vikings’ Fan’s Cherry, Sending Guy To 1st NFL Game – MNF


Here is how things went down this morning.

We had a winner selected, contacted that person last night via email and said we needed to speak to him ASAP. Another email was sent this morning saying to contact us with an address before NOON EST.

He got back to us at 12:13.

Too bad. We have obligations around here and it comes down to getting the tickets in the mail.

So who got the tickets? Aaron in Duluth.


• He’s never been to an NFL game. Ever.

• His girlfriend is a Packers fan. He’s a Vikings fan. (Possible fight!!!)

• Her family hates him because Favre is with Minny.

• Monday is the girlfriend’s 26th birthday.

• He’s been supporting her financially in these tough times.

Aaron’s reaction to us asking if his story is legit.

100% real…I may be cheap bastard, but I am not a liar.

I haven’t even told the old lady yet because I can’t believe it’s true…and I want it to be a surprise. She owes me some good action for this!

Thanks again man!

Believe it, Aaron. The tickets are in the mail and you are going to the game.


As for the other entrants, you have no idea how cool this contest was for us. It really opened some eyes, created some excitement and was what we are all about.

If it were up to us, BC would spring for a bus and take all of you to the game. Instead, Aaron will be going and hoping for a win and to get laid afterwards.