Brett Favre Tix Bailout: Win Two Seats To Prima Donna Vs. Green Bay Spank-Fest! Let Us Repeat…FREE TICKETS (2) Courtesy Of Busted Coverage

Cool grained coffee table not included.




We’ve done some crazy things on Busted Coverage but this might be the nuttiest single-day project in BC history.

Some lucky BC reader and companion will be winning (2) tickets to see Brett Favre face the Green Bay Packers this Monday.

Yes, MNF at the HHH Metrodome on us.

We purchased the tickets, can’t make the 600-plus mile trip and need to get rid of these suckers.

So let us cover the ground rules:

• Why you? Make it sappy, funny, inspiring, etc.

• Willing to send us photos of the madness? Bonus points if you know how to run a camera and can Twitter while attending the game.

• Level of desperation – going through a divorce, recent death, wife sleeping with the neighbor, husband left you for a 23-year-old St. Paul bartender, need to win your father a birthday gift, etc? Again, make it good. Don’t waste our time and yours.

• If you don’t leave an email, we cannot possibly contact you if your lucky ass wins.

That’s it. Simple, eh?

Leave your reasoning in the comments section or email us, but please understand that your emails will be posted to make this fun and interesting.

[email protected]

*This is the only post you’ll see on BC over the next 24-hours. We’ll ship the tickets out to the winner on Friday morning.

Get writing.

The entrants:

Self-inflicted Misery Guy

From: Kyle

I want to go to the holy Dome!! and see this over Played ASS Clown get booed for betraying his Original Team…  Enough Being a whiney b*tch…   I wanna go because I am about to embark on another long and expensive chapter in my life.. My wife is Prego AGAIN.. with our 2nd child.. Our First Child is 2 1/2 years old now..! I am ready for a great time before we have to STAY home for a long time….  Maybe we will see Favre get sacked and drop like a sack of potatoes! haha
Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Jason
Why don’t you just give the tickets to me? I’m hilarious, talented and extremely good-looking. Also, I’m like a total internet superstar (in some bizarre mixup, I ended up being guest editor at With Leather last weekend). I get tens of thousands thousandshundreds dozens of visitors to the Sportress every day, so the publicity you would receive from giving me the tickets would be massive. Also, I’m from the Twin Cities and I should be there to document the event after living through the ups and downs of being a Vikings fan for the past 30 years – I even own authentic Taravaris Jackson and a Daunte Culpepper jerseys – that’s dedication – and a little bit of brain damage thrown in for good measure.One other benefit of me living only 20 miles from the Dome: the invoice I will be sending you for mileage and incidentals will be minimal.

Thanks. Should I just give you my address now?

From Don:

Dan Walsh from the Sportsbubbler ( needs a body guard…… Seriously, we can’t send alone Dan into that wretched, vile, pit of a city and stadium, with that annoying horn, without someone watching his back.  And the tightwads at Journal Sentinel Communications will never pony up for someone to take care of him.  So I’m volunteering.  As for the pictures and updates – not a problem – just refer to some of the pictures for the post I did for the Bubbler last year from the Packers game in Seattle, and the women there that we talked into Packer jerseys.

Then Don also also sent along several photos of bartenders in Seattle that he talked into doing the following. Yes she is hanging above the bar.

From Brian:

Hello, I am not here to bash Brett Favre.  I am here to plead my case as a displaced Packer fan living in Minneapolis.  I have had to watch, hear, and feel the hype that Brett Favre brings to this town.  Every Vikings fan I meet can’t stop talking about this game.  Let me tell you something, I went to the Vikings – 49ers game last week (had a buddy in town who’s a die-hard 49ers fan) and their lack of fans at the game was pitiful.  Who was I supposed to argue w?  I was even a big enough fan that I wore a Packer sweatshirt to the game, and caught a lot of heat.  I kept saying “Wait til next week,” only I have no chance to go, until now.  I’m a poor graduate student who can’t afford to pay the $300 these crazy people in Purple are looking to sell their tickets for… GIVE ME A CHANCE TO ROOT FOR THE PACKERS!

I will not disappoint.

Packer backer forever,


an aside: I have Brett Favre’s cover issue of SI framed in my room, it’s titled “Hard to Say Goodbye.” As hard as it was to watch Brett go, we have a new sheriff in town, A-ROD… but I’ll never forget growing up rooting for Favre and the Pack.

From Aaron:

I don’t have a humorous story in order to enter for the Vikings-Packers tickets, but I actually do have a sad story as to why I deserve those tickets.  This story has two parts. The first part is I am a Vikings fan through and through.  I grew up in a Northern Minnesota town (Duluth) and have consistently, for the past 26 years, instilled my faith into my team in purple every fall in hopes that this is the year they can live up to my expectations.  Every year i have been hurt, kicked, and shocked at their ineptitude. (obviously I am no different than any other Vikings fan in this regard as we have all experienced the 41-0 Giants game, the 1998 NFC championship against Atlanta, and the Kelly Holcomb era) Now, being from MN and such a huge fan of the Vikings, you’d expect that I have been to my fair share of Vikings games.  WRONG!  I have NEVER been to an NFL game.

The second (and most important) part of this story is my girlfriend.  She grew up in the middle of Wisconsin and is a die-hard Green Bay fan.  Her entire family is now mad at me that the man wearing a #4 jersey for the Vikings is now Brett Favre and not John David Booty.  In the past year my girlfriend has lost her job, been in the hospital for viral meningitis, and had 2 kidney stones (and possibly has another one right now).  It his her 26th birthday on Monday and seeing that I am supporting the two of us on my small salary, the only thing I was going to be able to afford was taking her out to dinner and going home to watch the game…this is my opportunity.

I think I should be considered because:
A.) I’m a huge Vikings fan and feel the shame and humiliation of it each and every day
B.) I’d love for this game to be my first NFL game
C.) I want to show up my girlfriend’s family and take her to this game
D.) it’s been a rough year and I would like to treat the girlfriend to something nice for staying with me.



From Dan:

My wife has always been a Green Bay fan and in a lot of cases a fan of whoever is playing the Vikings, where I on the other hand practically bleed purple.  We have always talked about going to a Green Bay Minnesota game, but I can’t ever bring myself to take out the loan just to buy the tickets.  This would also make a great birthday present for her as her birthday has just passed and I ran out of time to even buy her a card this year.  I spent many years of my life groaning at “Brent” when he would throw touchdown passes, I get to groan when he is throwing interceptions.  This would be a perfect night out to cheer on our favorite teams as lose our voices.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of pictures.

From Ryan:

Dont care about the outcome. However would rather be at the metrodome than to have to put up with listening to the ESPN announcers talk about pointless shit all the time. Its better with sound off, then i am subject to listening to my wife asking me what are we going to do for dinner. help me!

From Justin (Small piece of the giant story. If you want more, email us.):

Dear Busted Coverage,
I am quite likely the least qualified person to win these tickets, but in my case that could be a huge advantage.  See, I’m a Denver Broncos fan living in New Haven, CT.  I never get to see my team play (more on that in a moment), and so far this year, during every SportsCenter, the Blitz, local news coverage, the Fastest Three Minutes, etc., all that’s been reported on them has basically boiled down to “…and also, Denver played.”

The coverage they HAVE garnered has universally asterisked – “3-0 ***BECAUSE OF A LUCKY BOUNCE VS. CINCY***, and also because they’ve played the NFL’s JV league so far.”  Granted, I’m not overly optimistic, having been a lifelong fan, and can’t feel good about a CIN-CLE-OAK trifecta, but a team can only play the opponents on its schedule.  I digress.
I would like to see some REAL football that won’t drive me rabidly maniacal.  I would LOVE to be an impartial, pure football fan in the environment that Packers/Vikings has been building up to all season.  I want to see a game in a stadium and state that I’ve never been to, where the local “tastes great/less filling” bitchfests between Pats/Sox fans and Jets/Yanks fans won’t boil my blood.

From Crazy:

I know you are getting a lot of sappy ass emails about die hard fans so I will keep mine short and to the point..
Jesus has been known to kill baby kittens each time a person masturbates. With the ample amount of porn out there, I will probably be bound to killing of many baby kitten this night unless another activity is set up for me to do. Do you like baby kittens? If so, you know what the right thing is. lol.
Also, in terms of pictures, I have been known to make a few amateur porn vids and pics for my personal collection with the girls I bang which should mean its easy to take pics at the stadium. I know what twitter is, and will finally have a reason to tweet like the celebrities with too much time do.
In closing, remember about the baby kittens…

From Varun:

Dear BC,

I don’t deserve those tickets but my girlfriend does.  I have forgotten her birthday every year for four years, one year, for our anniversary, i bought a Sex and the City box set for her off ebay because it was $50 cheaper than the going rate and it ended up being a chinese knockoff with chinese letters, some discs not working and the characters talking in chinese. Didn’t get my money back, to say the least.  She is a crazy hardcore Favre fan. She grew up in Appleton WI and supported the packers through and through.  But she’s a crazy Favre fan.  She got the Jets and Vikings jerseys the moment he was announced to join.  Her door at home is a collage of Brett Favre pictures.  She cried when Favre retired… TWICE.  This last game, when Favre threw the winning touchdown with 2 seconds left, she cried and then flashed everyone at home. She’s taken me to two games at Lambeau Field, when Favre was with the packers and I would love to treat her out to the game finally.  I’ve been a broke college student at the University of Minnesota for 7 years now, (undergrad and grad school), where I met her.  I was always cheap and although I love her, could never get her something amazing. I want to thank her for being so awesome and sticking with me for 4 years and our anniversary is the day after the game, October 6th.  Here are some pictures of her.

The first one is of her going to high school with her Favre garb on, she doesn’t care!
The second one is her facebook profile picture, that she photoshopped.
The third one is of her reading Favre books at Barnes and Noble, right after he retired.  (She bought every Favre special magazine there was, the book was expensive though.)
The fourth one is of her, as we’re about to go to the packers, vikings game at Lambeau field.
The fifth one is of her on halloween (she always dresses as Favre… always, for the past 4 years)

Please help me make her dreams come true. She would be the happiest girl in the world and I can make sure to take videos of the entire game and experience if we do win the tickets and twitter the game as well.

Thank you for your time and may the best story win.

Photos of Varun’s chick:

From Kelly:

I NEED THOSE TICKETS!!!!!  You want pics from the game?  Done … Twitter updates?  Done.  The pleasure of sending a die hard Packers fan to Minnesota to watch his former hero in that ugly purple helmet crush all his hopes and dreams … done!  Busted Coverage sending me those Packers/Vikings tickets would be like the whole world watching “that guy who gets hit in the nuts on america’s funniest home videos” … and I’m that guy, holding his crotch in slo-mo as the crowd and everyone at home laughs, while I agonize having to see Favre in his Barney the Dinosaur pyjamasVikings uniform against my beloved Packers!  I HAVE TO BE AT THIS GAME … because if I can’t stay home and watch the touching TV special of John Madden and Brett Favre spooning on the Madden cruiser eating a turducken … I HAVE TO SEE see Mr. Favre gets his retired-unretired ass handed to him by the Packers for the ultimate sin he is about to commit!!! As I write this, my wife is probably going to leave me as well because I can’t bring myself to burn all my Favre-stained Packers memorabilia in our house (he hates Favre for signing with the Vikings more than I do), so please let everyone at Busted Coverage enjoy the tormented suffering of one man and send me to Minnesota!!!

From Mat,

Dear BC,

Why me?  Why should I win tickets?  Really I shouldn’t because that would mean something good has happened in my life.  My car has been written-off this year.  Twice.  I had sewage back up into my basement – my one-year old basement complete with new tv.  My wife lost her job.  I lost my job.  (Ergo unable to really pay for said car and basement.)  Then Favre joined the V*&/^#%s.  Why wouldn’t he?  He must hate me, too.  I grew up near the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and the big decision I needed to make in life was who to cheer for.  The Pack had a young Polish Magician at quarterback, but still I chose to cheer for them.  Parts of my family decided never to speak to me again, but it was ok because soon Brett arrived!  He won a Super Bowl!  Then he lost a Super Bowl.  Then he put on a purple jersey.  God I hate him now.  I hate him almost as much as I hate myself.  Anyway, I hope I can have those tickets.

From Jonathan

I despise the Vikings.  Always have and always will.

I can’t believe I am writing this because the last thing I would actually want to do is go to the Homer Dome to watch a Viking game with Favre wearing the purple and gold. Should I win I will probably spend the entire game puking into the empty seats in front of me, in part due to having had to eat lutefisk and lefsa and drink Hamms Beer left over from the old Metropolitan Stadium days, as I watch Brett dink and dunk and Aaron get sacked.

Still, somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought that maybe the Pack can pull it out and knock Brett out at the same time. Of course I always had the belief that Brett could pull off a miracle but over the final decade of his Packer career he continually crushed my dreams and those of all of Packer land, so why should this coming Monday night be any different?

Pictures – no problem

Tweets – I’ll have to ask my daughters for help on that one but I’m game.  Tweeting among the twits of the twin cities would be a treat.

Jonathan (born in Green Bay)

From Bruce:

Dear Diary,

I’m a football nut. On Sunday, I watch the games on TV, with a Sirius radio playing another game, while my laptop has my Fantasy Football team’s live stats and my Football Pick’em with Confidence Points loaded up. I even won our Fantasy Football League last year, and am the proud owner of the Bobblehead Football Jesus. This very act is probably blasphemous and will land me in Hades. But hopefully the Metrodome. Wait … same place?

I’ve never been to an NFL game.

Can you imagine any better way to experience my first game? I grew up a Buffalo Bills fan, originally. I’ve had to endure enough torture. But then earlier this year, like so many, I was out of work. My division moved to Texas, and I wasn’t about to follow. So since April, I’ve been like Lindsay Lohan … out of work. Just me, in my apartment, with a cat all day. Resumes. Cover letters. Scooping my cat’s twice-daily turds from her litter box. And Twitter.

It’s like being on that show Big Brother, being stuck in my apartment all day. Only, Julie Chen doesn’t bother robotically reading eviction results to me each week. Well, that could change, because my lease is up in February and if I still can’t find a job in marketing or advertising, I’ll be forced to move from this place and go back home.

So seriously. I’m 31 and have 3 gray hairs, out of work for the first time since college, and am going stir crazy. Can you help a brother out and just put 2 tix in my hands so I can get an escape from the monotony for one day? I already called my folks, and they promised to clean my cat’s litter box while I’m gone for the day.

Obviously I’ll tweet the hell out of the trip. That’s all I’ve been doing lately, is tweeting. Well, that and cleaning the cat litter box. You get the gist.

From Alex:


Why me you ask…?I made a shirt that says “Buck Frett.”  It is the most efficient (and legal) way to get my opinion across!

I think the best way to describe the effect of me winning these tickets is to take you through what I will be doing this coming Monday.Monday starts out bright and early (for a college student at least) at 10AM running to class.That’s right I’m a senior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Mechanical Engineering.I’m running because I have a midterm in my first class, Fluid Dynamics, about some derivation of a Newtonian fluid…I bore myself just thinking about it.Oh well, I will most likely fail it since all I can think to write down is that m+n+f=mnf…?12pm is another good one, Theory of Vibrations.Last week I asked my prof. to quantify how much a Sybian could vibrate the user…needless to say, he didn’t know what it was.3PM is when the magic begins—I have an interview with a company called Judlau Contractors.Basically they specialize in complex sewage systems in NYC.Ah, I can picture it now, “Yeah, I could see myself at Judlau in 25years…knee deep in shit…definitely Sir.” 6pm rolls around, my girlfriend’s dad is in town to take us to dinner—her dad is legit crazy.Picture this, last time I saw him he forced me to ride on his 500hp jetski with him.While he revs it 0 to 60 I’m sitting on the back straddling him with my arms around his waist.Anyways, he tells my girlfriend that he also wants to watch the mnf game with me because I am a true Packer fan.In other words, I can’t yell, cry, cheer, throw things, break things, shatter things…did I say cuss?

If I won the tickets I promise to make an amazing documentary of the trip via FinalCut Pro (here’s a link to a recent video that I made: a condition, I will edit out the color purple…

Thanks so much,

From Drew:

First, and foremost, let me explain my situation…but before I do, let me make something perfectly clear…I am not a Vikings fan, and I am not a Packers fan.I don’t wear stupid goldilocks pigtails hanging from a ridiculous purple beanie, nor do I wear my blaze-orange hunting gear anywhere but to hunt.I don’t ignore Mark Chmura’s past Polanskiesque-transgressions simply because he was really good at doing the Lambeau Leap, nor would I let my unborn children go trick-or-treating at the Childress residence.I do, however, have to put up with a multitude of daily annoyances, listening to half of my co-workers deify a man they have spent the better part of two decades wanting to see decapitated, while the other half spend their days stewing and spitting insane (gouda-tinged) vitriol about a man they canonized for years and years and years (dare I say, “and years”?). I am a life-long Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan located in the frigid Twin Cities, who spent years hating both the Queens and the (Fudge) Packers in the old Black & Blue, and now I am joyfully getting to witness, first-hand, the terror in the eyes of all my Sconnie-expatriate co-workers as zero-hour approaches, not to mention the excessive over-confidence, hardly-hidden in all the toothy-grins of my championship-starved (Scandinavian?) neighbors.What I also know, is that you can call any Vikings player (past or present) with a Super Bowl ring, a thief, and that it takes three Packers fans to change a light bulb at Lambeau Field…one to actually change the light bulb, and the other two to talk about how great the last one was.Here is my point…99.9% of the people who write to Busted Coverage for these tickets are sell-outs…either because of their new-found love of #4 or because of their nascent-disdain for the man.I, on the other hand, simply want to rub the fact that I have tickets to the most-anticipated regular-season football game in years, right in the faces of all of my stupid Kool-Aid-drinking co-workers for making me listen to their stupid & inane arguments even though they knew I didn’t give two shits.Plus, I want to see a really bad-ass game of pigskin…and Monday night, my bookmarked-friends at Busted Coverage, will certainly qualify as a really bad-ass game of pigskin.All of this may be a moot point, however, because if neither of these teams’ offensive lines can learn how to protect their beloved signal-callers, one or both will not make it out of this game alive…which may or may not be a good thing, depending on which side of the St. Croix you’re on.I did mention that I’m a Bucs fan, right? Please have pity on me.

-Drew, the Rastafavrian

From Andy:

I NEED THESE TICKETS! Brett Favre has been my hero since i can remember, and that asshole turned his back on the packers by playing on the viqueens! I am now fully in support of AROD as he deserves it! I have a packers favre jersey that i will wear that has the 4’s colored black with sharpie and has the word “traitor” over his nameplate. I have the ability to take pictures at the game, and the ability to twitter on my phone at the game as well! I deserve these tickets because I am a poor ass college student that can’t find a job, got just enough money in the bank to afford tuition and rent for this semester. I cant afford tickets to either game obviously, so this would make my life! If you’re looking for more reason, I could use the tickets as a pick me up as my girlfriend dumped me a while back, and im still crazy in love with her while she lives with some other guy in a city like 40 minutes away, awesome! I am the biggest packer fan, me and my friend drove up to lambeau for the 2007 nfc championship game WITHOUT tickets and sat outside tailgating for like 12 HOURS IN NEGATIVE 37 DEGREE WEATHER! I have a video of us tailgating that i will send in a seperate email because it wont fit in this one! I swear I would do anything for these tickets, get a tattoo, wear busted coverage shirts around campus at UWM, whatever you guys want, I JUST NEED THESE TICKETS!

Thank you and please please please pick this cheesehead!

From Michael:

I would love to make a last minute flight to the “dome for this epic encounter. My 29 year old step-daughter, yes 29, is moving back in this weekend. She is a slob-not being harsh-just a fact. She is unemployed. We do not get along well. But you do what you must in life-right? Like the Packers GM letting Favre go two years ago. Since the next few months are going to be miserable PLEASE throw me a lifeline and let me have a two day sabbatical to get my mind in order. Thanks for your consideration,

From Eddie:

Id love to go to this game, cause i do care about the outcome, i do want to bash Brett if his team loses, nothing would make me happier. I love the Green Bay Packers, and i would take great pleasure in pissing off numerous Vikings fans. I dont have a very sappy story, where i come from you watch the game cause these two teams wanna beat the shit out of each other, not because you wanna get away from your bitching wife, its not like she stops bitching while youre watching the game anyway. Go Pack.

From Dan R.

R u kidding me??? i should be the one you give your tickets too!!  I was born and raised in wisconsin, sat through packers games my whole childhood (approx. 1975 to 1986) at county staduim and lambeau freezing my ass off and what did i get to of the worst stretches of football in about 15 years…moved away to attend college out in las vegas and what the hell happens..brett favre comes along and makes the team i grew up with (watching year after year thinking this will be the year they might be good and what happened?? 8-8 at best…) relavent while in vegas, finish college, get married, have two kids and then..get divorced..i spend the next 15 yrs wishing i could go see a game while they are good..never make it to one..(dont care what anyone says…getting a divorce and paying child support limits what you can do financially)…brett decides it is time to retire..(which i still say is total horseshit..ted thompson and mcfatty pushed him out the door so teddy could get his number 1 draft pick on the field)…then he accepts the bullshit trade to the jets..(which was done so teddy and mcfatty never had to worry about playing against him..even more bullshit..tampa and gruden flat out said they thought they had a trade worked out..the packers accepted less in the trade with the jets than tampa was offering just so they didnt have to play against him)..brett does his time with the jets..(i became a jets fan for a yr..the first time in my whole adult life i ever rooted for another team other than gb..still kinda wierd..i even have the jets hats and jerseys to prove it!!)..and now..he is a viking!! this is the game to end all games…!!!!! i have a 11 yr old son who like myself was a huge packer fan…we watched every game together..(thanks directv!!) he had become a bigger brett farve fan than i was…(which i didnt think was possible, but he has been brett favre for halloween for 5 straight yrs!!)and when the wheels fell off and “the train has left the station” he was crushed..thinking he will never get to see brett farve in person playing for his favorite team…so what would be better than seeing brett play for your favorite team??? how about seeing brett beat your old favorite team!!!!! so…i think i should win the tickets..being trapped out here in vegas, we dont get a chance to ever go to any type of pro sporting events and nothing would make a father/son happier than being there for the biggest game in each of our lives!!! thanks for your time and go brett!!

From Brett:

I really hope this isn’t too late.

I am a HUGE vikings fan and have been so since I was born. And yet, I have been to only one vikings game in my life. The one I went to was a preseason game against the cowboys in 2007. Cowboys at first glance doesn’t seem all that bad. But it was the 4th preseason game and Brad Johnson started for the Cowboys. BRAD FREAKING JOHNSON!! PATHETIC!! And to top it all off, none of the starters played, not a one.

My life is filled with so much stress right now. I’m a college student at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities and I have 4 tests nest week: 2 tests on Monday Oct 5th, 1 on Tues Oct 6th, and 1 on Wed. Oct 7th. I NEED this!! My brain is going to be so fried it will look like KFC got a hold of it. However, if you let me have the tickets, I can spend 3+ hours cheering on Vikes and booing the Pack, which would give me some joy in an otherwise joyless life. Oh and my tests: Mon = “Appplied linear algebra” and “Analog and Digital electronics”, Tues = Electrical Engineering Lab test, Wed = Sequences, series, and foundations (its a proof class i.e. proving math identities).

If that doesn’t make you pity me I don’t know what will.

From Alex S.

First off I’m the perfect person to take the tix not only can I tweet
from the game on my iPhone I can take pics n record some of the
madness on video! I’d love nothing more than to see the scum that is
Brent favre get drug around that mat they call a football field. I
will personally drive me and the woman I regret to say is a viking
game 8 hours from Racine wi in my jalopy of a car that even bears a
Brett favre window sticker! ( although I have since wrote over it with
profanities about the man) ever since I found out favre was going to b
a Viking I’ve been waking up with headaches and morning sickness as if
I have some swine flu… Please cure this sickness and send me the
tickets! The only cure is to see this turd throwing piece of trash in
person get tossed about like a backup highschool qb… While crapping
on my gf and every queen fan that dares sit near me… I will make
every fan wish they never went to see the senile jerkoff.. Lastly once
Adrian starts complaining about his back after al Harris suplexs him
again like last Monday night game my mission will be complete and I
will fill you guys in on every second I cross that god forsaken border
that divides grown men and vaginas.. Thanks for reading!!! F&@$ the
queens and that annoying mullet sporting cheap shotting bastard Allen

From Brett B.:

First off I’ll run a camera and be happy to twitter updates about the Packers upcoming victory

If I won I’d love to take my father to the game who is from Green Bay now living in Chicago. It would be the funniest thing to send us to the game because in our house you can talk movies, sports, or politics but one thing will set a fire. We can’t discuss Brett Favre. My dad, Harry was born in Green Bay and is the biggest Packer fan / owner you can find. Yep he’s paid for one of the worthless stocks certificates. He’s endured the tough years of being a Packer fan so he apreciates what Farve has done to make the Packers a success. I on the other hand see him for the lieing, kienieving traitor that he really is. My father is absolutetly in love with the Favre man. I would love to see what a bunch of fair weather Viking fans cheering for the very man they despised for the past 15 years would do to his attitude.

I am a diehard Packer fan who listed Brett Favre at the top of my favorite celebrity list but that was a couple of years ago. I scalped a seat to the NFC Championship game because I figured this was it, for the 3rd time….the last game Favre would play in Lambeau. I guess I was kind of right just this time he’ll come back as in a disgusting purple jersey. I won’t touch anything with the stench of Favre. No wrangler jeans (wouldn’t wear them anyway).

Long story short if you want to send 2 Packer fans – one who despises the F word and one who loves him and hear the stories of the near fist fights and arguments on a long trip from Madison, Wisconsin to Minneapolis Minnesota then send these guys to the game.

Go Pack

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