Male Football Dilemma: Would You Wear Opposing NFL Team Colors To Avoid Being Shived?


rice-a classic

Trevor’s view of the game – directly behind 80 inches of blubber.

Our Nevada-based correspondent Trevor (a member of the Reno radio DJing community) has been keeping us abreast of his trip to the Oakland-Denver game for what seems like weeks.

We’d get almost daily updates. Being a Denver fan, he was looking forward to going into the belly of the beast and coming out alive.

Then we get the photos….and he’s wearing an Oakland jersey. Um, WTF?

Believe it or not I don’t have one. I have my Frank Hawkins jersey -old University of Nevada RB from late 70’s…blocked for Marcus Allen for the Raiders…A chris Cooley jersey-I won that.  And a Vincent Jackson cuz that dude is just plain bad ass…and we went to the same shithole college.

What exactly did Trevor and his friend discover on their road trip? A couple of ugly chicks and a guy who thinks he’s Kenny Stabler.

answered to stabler and jeff curro

We’re not done giving Trevor shit on this one.

BC was of the understanding that he’d have on Denver colors and attempt to walk through the tailgating area without being shived or beaten with an aluminum softball bat by Claudio who hopes to one day work his way up the ladder into management at Auto Zone.

This operation was duped and so was Claudio.

Instead our correspondent cruises into town looking the part and cheering inside for the other team.

This brings us to the dilemma: “Would you ever wear the opposing team’s colors so you don’t get your ass beat at a sporting event.”

Frankly, we’d wipe our asses with a 2X4 before wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey this weekend.

old school raiders jerseys

Trevor (right) wearing the enemy colors in order to not get shot.

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