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2009-2010 Florida State Cowgirls: Senior Brittney Guiddy


We got an anonymous email yesterday from a Busted Coverage fan who introduced us to Florida State Senior Cowgirl Brittney Guiddy and then added, “Off limits because she has a boyfriend, but still hot as hell.”

Wait just one minute. A man can still stare, right?

And that’s what we get to do this morning thanks to the work of our reader who also sent along some pics to help ease the pain of Seminoles fan after the USF loss.


As you guys already know, the Warchant Cowgirls are close to our heart. Jenn Sterger has been a staple of our reporting and remains one of the most searched chicks in BC history.

After seeing Brittney’s pictures she may be stealing some of Sterger’s thunder.

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[Jenn Sterger Doesn’t Have A Sex Tape]


brittneycowgirl7 Pics 002





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