Daily Dump: Detroit Lions Homoerotic Celebration, White Cop Dances At Tailgate, Kevin Smith Likes Field Hockey, Ozzie Guillen Pissed Over Football, Elena Tsela Hand Bra Action And Loora Needs A Rack



We are just a couple days away from the official start of get drunk month.

What a great weekend for fans of Cincinnati and the entire state of Michigan.

The Bengals overcame and the Lions held a locker room celebration as Jim Zorn started to wonder when he’d be cleaning out his office.

As a Bengals fan we can barely watch or listen to the final 40 seconds of any game. They just find ways to lose. Jim Leonard will go down in history after his first down catch on 4th and 10. Oh, and then he catches the TD pass to get the win.

Meanwhile, Tebow is back in Gainesville relearning the alphabet.



Today’s Dump:

…we get Monday started with the ladies who’ll drive you nuts on TV this fall [Gunaxin]

If your team lost this weekend, let Brittany be your consolation [The Hot Quest]

White cop learns some dance moves from black kids at H.S. tailgate [Friends of the Program]

Cincinnati gets to taste victory over Steelers, just plain giddy [1530 The Homer]

The Lions homoerotic locker room celebration video! [NESW Sports]

Hmm, Lions RB is into field hockey & wants to be like Hugh Hefner [Detroit4Lyfe]

Ozzie Guillen pissed at Sox for watching football after loss [The Sporting Blog]

Too Early? EDSBS “The Magazine” featuring God Tebow [EDSBS]

Challenge: 20 “Anyone Know Who This Girl Is?” Girls [Uncoached]

Elena Tsela is being served notice – boob job. Now! [on205th]

Loora has a nice rack but will be going in for new boobs – soon [Spewf]

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