From The Couch: At Least Someone Is Consoling Drunk Iowa Chick

It’ll all be better in the morning. Get it all out and we’ll start drinking again. Ok, hun?

Loyal reader Mike sent us a message late yesterday afternoon:

Snapped this photo of an “overcelebrated coed” after the Iowa/UNI game on Labor Day weekend.

Part of one of the reasons “we love college football”!!!

Will be there for Halloween this year too.  Hope to have LOTS more to offer then.

Keep up the GREAT work on the site.  I love it!

There you go, Iowa fan. If you get drunk, start vomiting and can’t remember your name, please don’t forget to turn around and wave to the creepy white guy snapping pics of your ass heaving in the trash can. You’ll be on Busted Coverage and be famous through at least one blog day cycle.

Have an image you want BC to run? Get it to us pronto.


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