Daily Dump: Odom-Kardashian Weekend Wedding News, Examine UT Cheerleaders, Broncos Cheerleader Bikini Calendar, Ray Lewis Ammunition Vest, Amber Heard Does FHM, Sexiest Dancing With Stars Ladies & Hot Chicks In Old Hotel Rooms



Women that won’t talk to your drunk ass this weekend – Jodi Albert.

Real quick – we’ll be around all weekend so fire away with the links tomorrow morning. BC will also be your home for all the GameDay signs from State College. Check with us starting at about 9:30 a.m. for all of your JoePa-loving posterboards.

In other college football news, our Ole Miss-Alabama trip in October losses some luster after that performance last night.

We’ll still see a Top 15 team vs. #3 Alabama so that’ll have to do.



Today’s Dump:

…let’s get rolling with the cheerleaders you’ll be seeing tomorrow in college football [Coed]

Yes, there is continuing coverage of Odom-Kardashian’s weekend plans [CelebSlam]

In case you want to evaluate the 2009 Texas cheerleaders [Don Chavez]

Broncos cheerleaders get around to releasing bikini calendar [Big League Screw]

Ole Miss bandwagon jumpers can get off at the next stop, 16-10 USC [Dr. Saturday]

Ray Lewis shows off his fake ammunition coat to Lou Holtz [EDSBS]

Coach Ryan’s new message to Jets fan is hilarious [KissingSuzyKolber]

You have to see the highlights from the Lingerie Football League Game 3 [Knuckles United]

Patriots have their very own Ricky’s Rant guy, minus racial stuff [YouTube]

25 Tats On A Person’s Stomach [The Chive]

30 Awesome Bathroom Graffiti Photos. A Gallery. [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

Amber Heard takes off some clothes for November issue of FHM [DJ Mick]

If there is a single link you need to see today – Mackenzee & garden hose [The Beer Goggler]

It’s a man, baby! Check out the transvestite beauty pageant [Gunaxin]

10 Sexiest Women In Dancing With Stars History [Manofest]

Hot Chicks In Rundown Hotel Rooms [on205th]

Alina Vacariu won’t be sleeping with the BC intern [UseMyComputer]

She’s from Hungary and has giant boobs, but wouldn’t date you [DoubleViking]

Need some giant boobs to get you through the weekend? Here you go [Funtasticus]

Torrie Wilson has new pics to give you wood and look at her new site [MenTag]

Her parents were so proud when she came home with new cans [The Hot Quest]

Latest invention in female fashion – the rear buttoning panties [The Danza Tap]

…we end the week with Celebrity Slutsicles – The Hills [Liquid Generation]

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