From The Couch: Get "Busted Coverage, Bitches" Sign Into College Football Game, Win Money


He’s referencing this fake field goal at 35-sec. mark.

It defies logic to how a person is frisked from head to toe going into a stadium and yet a college guy can get a dry erase board into a football game.

Take the above guy at the recent Georgia Tech – Clemson tilt who had a variety of comments for Clemson fan, including “1st down on your mom.”

We’re just throwing this out right now – you get a dry erase board into a college football game and put “Busted Coverage, Bitches!” on it, send 2 pics at different angles and we’ll pay you $25. If you shoot a video with a couple of chicks and the sign we’ll pay you an additional $25.

The challenge is on! (We can detect fakes so don’t waste your time.)

Have a pic you want to see on Busted Coverage, bitches?