Anita Marks To Be Suzy Kolber Of UFL Sidelines, Has A Playboy Pictorial Worthy Rack

Hey, football fan, did you realize that the United Football League (first game is Oct. 8) was putting on the final touches to what is about to become a reality:

Guys not good enough for the NFL will actually get to appear on VERSUS in front of a national cable audience.

And there will be real announcers like Doug Flutie, Dave Sims and Kordell Stewart. Oh, and the UFL, knowing they need to have a female sideline presence, went out and hired former female QB Anita Marks who also happened to pose naked in Playboy back in 2002.

Nudies are here for those who have cool bosses that allow Playboy photos on work computers.

Marks, a Baltimore-based ESPN local affiliate talking head was recommended to the UFL by a very prominent female sideline reporter in her own right, according to a report yesterday from the Orlando Sentinel.

Vuono said the league was looking for a female reporter to pair up with Stewart, but at the same time wanted one with credibility, so he called a long-time friend and respected professional Lesley Visser of CBS Sports.

“I told her we need somebody who really knows football because they’re going to have access and have to talk about and know what’s going on on the sidelines,” Vuono said. “And she said, ‘I’ve got the perfect person for you.’ ”

“These guys here will tell you quickly, she’s (Marks) challenging them already.”

Seems logical to us. ESPN has Erin Pageviews, VERSUS counters with its very own Playboy model.

We’ll just go out on a limb right now and say that Playboy has a “Ladies Of The Sidelines”pictorial by 2015. We’re not saying Marks is the next coming of Lisa Guerrero but she’ll do. It’s like mixing Suzy Kolber and Charissa Thompson to create Marks. There is a little beauty, brains and football knowledge.

And Visser recommended her. Very impressive, indeed.

///over/under week number Marks threatens to kick Kordell’s ass, causing him to cry – Week 5

[Dave Sims, Anita Marks, Kordell Stewart, Doug Flutie make up UFL TV crew for VERSUS Network]

[Anita Marks – Twitter]

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