BC Hometown Hottie Finalist Galleries: Lais DeLeon Has Had Dugout Sex, Likes The Patriots

Hometown Hottie Finalist: Lais DeLeon Had Dugout Sex, Likes Patriots

The finalist voting for Maxim’s next Hometown Hottie has started and it’s our duty to Busted Coverage readers to introduce you to the finalists.

We’ll strive to keep the writing to a minimum and give you enough pictures to base your decision. Our editors have selected a couple nuggets of information that we feel give you a better understanding of the mindset and abilities each lady would bring to the Office of Hometown Hottie.

Please allow us to introduce you to Lais DeLeon, a world traveler and current resident of Albuquerque, NM.

Ms. DeLeon’s Rap Sheet:

• Has had baseball dugout sex – “It was interesting, no complaints here.”

• Is single.

• Likes the Patriots.

• Wears a 6.5 shoe.

• Prefers an amazing sex session once a year over boring sex.

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