2009 Make ‘Em Piss Blood Challenge: Jay Meyer Will Hit The Punt Returner Early, Leave Him In Pain

Are you a father who thinks Kip has the tools to become a D-I defensive prospect. Does he destroy running backs with regularity? Is your son 10 and capable of benching 225 at least 14 times?

Busted Coverage wants videos of your son destroying opponents on a football field. Bigger the hit, better the chances your son will be seen by Deadspin-types which means possible ESPN exposure.

Posted: Sept. 22, 2009

Premise of Video: We’re not sure why there has to be some scratchy rap music to start this one. Can we not just let the hit stand on it’s own merit without some thug music. No? Ok. This comes from a junior varsity game, according to the vlogger.

Climax of Video: Once the pre-video introductions are over, Jay Meyer totally runs through a punt returner who never got a chance to catch the ball. Instead he was left laying on the ground with likely broken ribs.

Conclusion: That personal foul penalty was totally worth it.