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Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Join Throwback Uniform Craze

We’ve all seen the old AFL jerseys coming back this season for the league’s 50th anniversary.

The Atlanta Falcons, an expansion NFL team in 1965, had its own throwback day Sunday where they dug out some old jerseys from mothballed boxes. It’s fun for all those Falcons fans who’ve stuck with the team through the years and losses.

But the real story was how the ATL cheerleaders went with their own throwbacks.

Just what current men want to see…big hair and women who look like they could be an extra on Dynasty.


A little risque, eh, ladies?

Things we can do without from cheerleaders past:

– The big hair.

– The equally giant pom poms.

– Did men really think a giant perm was sexy?

– The ridiculous headbands.





[Photo Credit: Jimmy Cribb, Atlanta Falcons]

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