ESPN Hires Former Bikini Model Jenn Brown To Drive College Football Fans Nuts


So there we were at the Ohio State GameDay walking around the grounds when we spotted a pretty hot female ESPNU reporter doing a shot in front of 1,000 or so frat boys.

We took a couple pics for the memory bank and went along with our day. Then this morning we read a piece from the University of Florida Independent Alligator on grad Jenn Brown who just happens to work for ESPNU.

Ahh, that would be the woman we spotted in Columbus. And it turns out Ms. Brown (played a Hooters girl in 2006 flick Two Tickets To Paradise) happens to be famous for her former career as a bikini model.




So, now you have two of the hottest women in sports working for ESPN and both are UF grads and were big members of the Gainesville sports community.

Erin Andrews 2000. Jenn Brown 2003.

Andrews – Dazzlers. Brown – Softball.

So how did Brown end up at ESPN? This is great.

An ESPN employee approached Brown and said the network was looking for a new face and not “another 30-year-old white guy.”

A self-proclaimed tomboy, Brown admits her job in sports takes her to new levels in a career usually reserved for men.

So the World Wide Leader wasn’t looking for another Jesse Palmer? That shocks us.

So now Brown is traveling the country for ESPNU’s Road Trip (here she is in Gainesville this weekend) along with work for a bevy of other broadcasting giants such as Showtime.

And, as for that connection to Erin Pageviews?

She pointed to Erin Andrews, a fellow Gator and ESPN sports commentator, as a source of inspiration.

“I don’t feel like I have to prove myself. I got the job. I got it for a reason,” she said. “I do more lifestyle pieces. I love the ability to humanize the players that we don’t get to see.”

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