Daily Dump: Lamar Odom-Giant Ass’s Sister, Jerry Jones Picking Nose, Cowboys Stadium Cage Dancers, Ochocinco Lambeau Middle Finger, ASU Cheerleader, U. Minn. Cheerleaders And Emmy Cleavage


Yet another Brazilian model for NFL players to date.

It was a two-game weekend for the BC troops so don’t mind us if today is kinda light.

Saw Brett Favre Adrian Peterson destroy the Lions. You must give it to Lions fan for having the intestinal fortitude to stick through 19 consecutive losses.

These people come in droves for a horrible team. (Excluding the seriously barren club level seats.) The hard-working Detroiters get tanked and waddle into Ford Field only to splurge on $8.50 drafts.

Then by the 3rd quarter we had seen two epic female fights. In one the lady connected with an overhand right. In the other Detroit chick chucked an entire beer at Vikings fan. All in all it was a great day.


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