Daily Dump: Guess The Athlete Butt, Piss On Lane Kiffin’s Mug, Jay Glazer Gets Bloody, Another Awesome MMA Cut, Russian Basketball Cheerleaders, Miranda Kerr Exercise Video And The Hiney Can



Audrey is always a BC favorite. Now vote if she’s hot or not.

Quick review of last nights 9-10 time slot on NBC.


The Office has always been in our wheelhouse, but Community actually works into our lives very nicely. Did you know Joel McHale was a tight end at Washington? Sports trivia of the day.

The show is actually funny and doesn’t try so hard like Parks & Recreation.

In other news, GameDay is in Austin. We hear things are rocking down there. BC will have the pics tomorrow morning.



Today’s Dump:

…we get today started with news of a breathing sex doll! [Asylum]

The game you’ll love – Guess The Athlete Butt [InGameNow]

Take a leak on Lane Kiffin’s mug in Gainesville [EDSBS]

Um, second best MMA cut of the week! That is going to scar [NFL Juice]

Speaking of cuts…Jay Glazer has a new one to show you [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Granola eating profs at Colorado calling out CU football [Dr. Saturday]

Lane Kiffin vs. Sarah Palin – Tale of the Tape [Buster Sports]

Russian basketball cheerleaders are mail-order marriage material [DJ Mick]

Pretty Cool Fictional Read: A Day In The Life Of Bobby Cox [Style Points]

For the guy who can’t afford a Lamborghini but can buy the bed [The Bachelor Guy]

25 Great Lost & Found Signs. A Gallery. [Holy Taco]

20 Pics That Prove Women Can’t Drive [Manofest]

Today’s Tail:

60 Pics Of Women With Cold Temperature Gauges [Coed]

…while on that topic….Mariah Carey. [CelebSlam]

The exercise video to buy because Miranda Kerr does this [Don Chavez]

Jesikah Maximus just another chick with a fake name, fake rack [on205th]

Sonya Lee said ‘Give me the boobs that look like beach balls’ [Uncoached]

Look, darling, let’s cut to the chase. Wanna move your hands? [Funtasticus]

Jennifer Aniston let’s ’em breath at some premiere [City Rag]

Remember Katherine McPhee? Yep, looks much different these days [UseMyComputer]

…and we close it down with a beer can that doubles as a piece of ass [Sublime Blog]

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