University Of Florida Sends Cease & Desist Order To ‘Tim Treebow’ Owners

And you thought the Tim Tebow bullshit was out of hand before.

Now we’ve learned via the strong reporting from that a bar in Gainesville featuring an eight-foot-tall wood carved statue of Tim Tebow (or Treebow as it’s called) have received a cease and desist order.

That’s right, America, wood statues will not be painted with Tebow’s legendary 15 and UF logos.

So the bar, Ballyhoo, did the obvious. Someone painted a #7 over Treebow. But the Nike and UF logo remains. Take that, SEC lawyers!

The reporters at First Coast recently asked the bar to shoot video of the tribute to God, but were rebuked.

“If you’ve been to Ballyhoo, you know there’s a big statue of Tim Tebow out front. It’s really popular,” says Samantha Smith, the owner of TeeBows brand underwear.

Ballyhoo managers initially said yes when we asked if we could shoot video of their Tebow sculpture. But three days later, they sent a one-line e-mail, stating, “At this time we will be declining all interviews and comments on the sculpture.”

That’s right, they couldn’t even comment about a wood sculpture on their own property. That is how serious UF lawyers are when it comes to protecting #15. However, that doesn’t stop them from pimping out their students to EA Sports games.


Earlier this year the people at a non-profit who had a painted Tebow Turtle (sculpture) received a similar letter.

The cease and desist letter Upright’s non-profit got says Tebow’s eligibility is threatened by this turtle because it used Tebow likeness. NCAA rules prohibit using a player’s image or likeness to promote a commercial product.

This is what it has come to. You will not sell undies. Sculpt trees or turtles.

And you won’t Twitter about the games.

Tebow will come knocking on your door and cut off your balls. You’ve been warned.

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