The Afternoon Dump: Baseball Says Goodbye, Tyler Has An Awesome Last Name, Steve Smith Doesn’t Like Delhomme, New Snickers Campaign, Stormtroopers, See-Through Kylie, & Thursdays Rule



Isla Fisher is one smoking red head.

Did anyone happen to see the leader board for rushing in college football. ESPN says a Purdue RB is on top. Just remember that we may be good this year.

Finished ‘Entourage’ season 3 last night. Good show so far.

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Afternoon Dump
Baseball says farewell, thanks to Two of the games great [The Sporting Blog]
Joe Theismann is back in the NFL business [Sportress of Blogitude]
Tyler S. has one great last name [The Slanch Report]
Steve Smith tells Jake Delhomme he sucks at his job [Sports Crackle Pop]
5 things It’s Always Sunny should sell online [Holy Taco]
Brewdog IPA made by Poseidon [Tasty Booze]
Snicker’s new campaigns are a bit off [uncoached]
Stormtroopers’ 9/11 [Buge Hoobs]
Kylie Minogue is see-through [on 205th]
This is why all men love Thursdays [Funtasticus]
Sherri Gulley looks good in a skirt (could be NSFW) [Gorilla Mask]

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