The Afternoon Dump: Baseball Says Goodbye, Tyler Has An Awesome Last Name, Steve Smith Doesn’t Like Delhomme, New Snickers Campaign, Stormtroopers, See-Through Kylie, & Thursdays Rule

Baseball Says Goodbye, Tyler Has An Awesome Last Name, Stormtroopers

Isla Fisher is one smoking red head.

Did anyone happen to see the leader board for rushing in college football. ESPN says a Purdue RB is on top. Just remember that we may be good this year.

Finished ‘Entourage’ season 3 last night. Good show so far.

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Afternoon Dump
Baseball says farewell, thanks to Two of the games great [The Sporting Blog]
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Brewdog IPA made by Poseidon [Tasty Booze]
Snicker’s new campaigns are a bit off [uncoached]
Stormtroopers’ 9/11 [Buge Hoobs]
Kylie Minogue is see-through [on 205th]
This is why all men love Thursdays [Funtasticus]
Sherri Gulley looks good in a skirt (could be NSFW) [Gorilla Mask]

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