Daily Dump: 5 Questions With Redskins Cheerleader, Podsednik’s Wife, Ernie Harwell Says So Long, Ultimate Fighter Massive Cut, Hottest Coaches Daughters, Pics Of Whale Tail, Adrienne Curry Beach Pics & Selena Gomez Goes Diving



New genre of photo galleries – Megan Fox cooking bacon.

So we got to thinking about this NFL Network RedZone channel that is being shoved down our throats.

Do I really want to see every single red zone situation in the NFL? Well, I’m a guy. But then again, can’t I just wait until CBS or Fox shows me in 5-10 minutes? Am I that desperate to see if Adrian Peterson got his 3rd TD of the day?

Personally, it’s just not that important in a man’s life unless you are either a gambler or single without prospects.



Today’s Dump:

…we get today started with 5 Questions With Redskins cheerleader Melanie [Hogs Heaven]

While we’re at it for no good reason: Scott Podsednik’s wife Lisa Dergan [BlitzCorner]

Ernie Harwell says goodbye to the fans of Detroit [The World of Isaac]

HOLY SHIT! Look at this cut from last night’s Ultimate Fighter 10 episode [Rumors & Rants]

Moving on….9 Hottest Coaches Daughters [Manofest]

Andy Rooney breaks down Week 1 of NFL season [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

We almost forgot these pics of Sharapova doing something other than tennis [Sharapova’s Thigh]

The Jewish Michael Jordan has officially retired, hangs up yamaka [Deuce of Davenport]

Listen up ladies: Fat to be used in breast augmentation [Asylum]

For the ladies: Making The Band contestant has some sausage link photos leaked [Tabloid Prodigy]

Today’s Tail:

44 Pics of Whale Tail. A Gallery. [Coed]

Name these 25 women in order…get a prize! (Before they were famous photos) [Holy Taco]

Adrienne Curry takes these self shots on beach [The Danza Tap]

Hilarious! This is Linda Hogan’s boy-toy [CelebSlam]

Who’s up for a Hooters bikini contest?!? Here you go! [Uncoached]

Susan Sarandon’s daughter plays a stripper in Californication [The Daily Fix]

Don’t you just want to grab Natalie Portman and just hug her? [UseMyComputer]

Booze & Boobs with everyone’s favorite former Prince backup dancer [Gunaxin]

Nikki Churchill just another mom still living the bikini modeling dream [HGOM]

Selena Gomez goes diving [The Beer Goggler]

We’d like to slap some batter together with Food Network’s Ingrid Hoffman [Spewf]

Jada Cheng is a mix between hip-hop video stripper and a sushi chef [Wii Hotties]

…and we close it down with the Kanye West Apology Generator [Atom]

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