Daily Dump: Layla Kiffin’s Orange Dress, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders In Thongs, Landry Jones ‘Stache Rides, Yankees-Blue Jays Fight, Ostertag Wants Back In, Cougar Cruise, Tan Lines And Olivia Wilde Does GQ



Some women just don’t know their Cs from DDs.

Tried very hard to watch the Jay Leno Show last night and found a train wreck.

That has to be one of the most over-hyped, horribly written shows on TV. The second night you close it down with Michael Moore? The audience was snoozing.

That, folks, is going to bomb at 10 p.m. At midnight, yeah, you get away with it.



Today’s Dump:

…we get your day started with Layla Kiffin tailgating in this dress [Kentucky Sports Radio]

While we’re on hot women….Miami Dolphins cheerleaders wearing this [Don Chavez]

Landry Jones will give ‘stache rides [NGNG Sports]

Oklahoma mascot & cheerleaders make a hip-hop video. Seriously. [EDSBS]

Electrical engineer will dance for Golden State Warriors [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

In case you missed the Yanks-Blue Jays fight… [YouTube]

Chris Bosh showing off something Lady Gaga would look good in [Cuzoogle]

Sign of bad economic times: Greg Ostertag wants back in NBA [Rumors and Rants]

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Watch Football, Enjoy It [Holy Taco]

Girls kissing girls still turn you on? An analysis. [Asylum]

20 Foreign Products With Odd Names (Pee Cola) [Manofest]

Yes! A Cougar Cruise! [The Danza Tap]

Today’s Tail:

12 Famous Women From Dixie. A Gallery. [Gunaxin]

For those who respect a hot tan line [Uncoached]

Seriously, why even wear the thong, it doesn’t cover very much [on205th]

Olivia Wilde does GQ. You should look. [CelebSlam]

Sophie Monk takes nips, legs out for a stroll with some dude [Hollywood Tuna]

Jennifer Hernandez with one of those half-shirt bras going on [MenTag]

One photo of Charlize Theron’s foot and other red carpet snaps [UseMyComputer]

Suzie should know getting on the pool table during a game is a foul [The Beer Goggler]

What happens when you take a monkey to beach [Regretful Morning]

Mandy Lynn is an ass of the year candidate [Phil Knows Best]

…and we close it all down with Elena Santarelli in lingerie [DJ Mick]

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