Cuff 'Em: LSU Tailgater Tells Police He Drank Two Kegs!



Not affiliated in any way to the following people arrested.

LSU had its first home game of the year this past weekend and the police reports paint a picture of just how drunken, disorderly things get in Baton Rouge.

The Daily Reveille, the campus student newspaper, pours over the reports and brings the best to newsprint.

That is where Busted Coverage starts editing. We only want to provide our readers with the important details.

We get started with a chick out to have a good time.

Rogé said Adams (female, 21) admitted to drinking in a Tigerland bar earlier that night. Officers found an open bottle of Wild Turkey and an open bottle of Bacardi in her car.


Onto another drunk…..

When asked if he was drunk, Rogé said Draper (male, 23) initially told the officers he had only had two beers. Rogé said he then told them he had “drank two kegs.”

It’s surprising he could remember anything after the first keg.

How about a punch-happy teen student?

Workers noticed Daniel Dixon, an 18-year-old student of 2209 Bayou Court, Keller Tx., had entered the dorm bleeding. Rogé said Dixon did not respond to questions from the residential adviser.

When the officers arrived, Rogé said they followed a trail of blood to Dixon’s dorm room. When he did not answer, the RA’s opened the door.

Rogé said the officers found Dixon asleep in his bed with a deep laceration on his right hand.

And now for the awesome tailgaters…

Officers responded to a call on Tower Drive near the Swine Palace Theater that a drunk tailgater was throwing tree limbs at cars, Rogé said.

What about creepy people at the tailgates?

LSUPD was informed that a man whose appearance matched Bush’s (male, 54) was looking inside multiple tailgaters’ ice chests, Rogé said.

And finally, nothing like getting the party started early – on Friday.

Kenneth Harrison, a 31-year-old unaffiliated with the University from 6931 Victoria Gardens Ct., was arrested Sept. 11 for DWI.

Harrison was seen driving a white truck on campus around 10 a.m.

No matter what Esquire, Playboy, Maxim, etc. say about party schools, LSU is still number one in Busted Coverage’s heart.

[Crime Briefs – LSU]

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