ESPN GameDay Sign Police: “Song Girls Know The Spread Offense” Gets Booted

DSCN0393Have a great, crude sign you’ve been waiting to break out when GameDay brings the bus to your town?

Scary dudes wearing aviator sunglasses will judge whether you’ve crossed the line with the Tebleaux Me poster. This is where Busted Coverage can help. Each week we’ll recap those signs that were outlawed by the ESPN GameDay Sign Police, saving you time and energy.


Don’t fret, college guy. Your sign might have not been allowed inside the Home Depot fences but as any great GameDay sign-maker knows, the cameras pick up on the backrow nearly as well as the front.

You won’t be arrested for having a “Tebow Likes Fish Sticks” sign. Thank God there is still a First Amendment.

Here is what was deemed too racy for the OSU-USC GameDay stop.





Look closely behind the Spoiled Children sign.

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