Daily Dump: Patrick Swayze Has Final Dance, Tebleaux Me’s Eye Black, Carrie Milbank-NHL Studs, Jay Glazer’s O Face, Teri Hatcher GILF News, 90 Snakes On A Dame & Belgian Bikini Car Wash Photosz

How a photographer got soccer balls and a hair bra into same photo.

It’s really amusing looking at different sites this morning trying to cash in on their Google page ranking with the Patrick Swayze headlines. The guy is dead. Baby’s protector will be missed by gay guys and men who secretly want to dance.

Oh, and women will beat your heads into the ground this week watching the Dirty Dancing DVD that has an inch of dust on the cover.

In sports news, those AFL ref uniforms looked awesome, no?


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Today’s Dump:

…we get today started with 10 hilarious tanning disasters [Uncoached]

Patrick Swayze has officially left us, Dirty Dancing marathons planned [Bitten & Bound]

Dan Shanoff tackles question of what should be on Tebow’s eye black [Dr. Saturday]

We forgot this one yesterday – the weekend in football screen caps [TV Tan Line]

Blogger goes to OSU-USC, this is what he finds (real Americana) [EDSBS]

Carrie Milbank hangs with NHL stars, holds a deadly weapon [Gunaxin]

Fox Sports Sunday NFL Show Ecstasy [Joe Sports Fan]

Wow, in case you missed the Caroline Wozniacki farmer’s tan [World of Isaac]

Colorado outlaws “slut bracelets” which usually rep sex acts accomplished [CollegeCandy]

15 Other Moments Of Kanye West Interrupting People [Holy Taco]

Remember when ODB interrupted an awards show? [YepYep]

Men arrested for playing porn on Wal-Mart TVs [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

In GILF News…Teri Hatcher tries to get out of wet suit [CelebSlam]

Awesome Title! 90 Snakes On A Dame [Coed]

25 Sexiest Celebrity Peta Ads [Manofest]

Cool! Belgian Bikini Car Wash Championships! [DJ Mick]

Peria Pendeza has what looks to be a real rack, nice skin [on205th]

Bianca Smith is a great example of what you get when mixing Filipino & Swedish [HGOM]

Let’s be hones – Veronika scares the shit out of us but is sexy [The Beer Goggler]

Obvious: Adriana Lima named sexiest lingerie model in the world [SportsCracklePop]

A few great vintage porn logos that need to be reintroduced [Sublime Blog]

Heather Graham on the town with puppies barely concealed [UseMyComputer]

Look, Ali, we think the doctor went a little too large on those boobs [FListed]

…and we finish you guys off with more boobs from Kodye [NextRound]

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