Michael Vick Jersey Kid Learns How To Destroy A Van At Falcons Tailgate


The NFL tailgating videos are trickling in and we have a possible Busted Coverage Tailgating Video Of The Year” nominee after just one week.

Last year we were really amused by the Jets Car-beque video. Flash forward to yesterday. Leave it to Falcons fans to bring some used piece of crap Cash For Clunker’s van painted in Dolphins colors for a good ‘ol fashioned sledgehammering from the locals.

Hey, even the kids got in on the fun. Nothing like training them for the future!

Posted: September 13, 2009

Premise of Video: (from vlogger) The beating of the Miami Dolphins van by the Falcons fans. The guys recruit children to help them. GO FALCONS!

Climax of Video: One of the kids gets what looks like a wrench and starts pounding away. Frankly, all of this is good and will have your office cheering against the Dolphins.

Conclusion: This is the type of creativity it is going to take to get kids away from video games. The NFL should look into creating a program for youth physical fitness. Just look at how happy those kids are!

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