Auburn Fratty Leaves Miss. State Game With A Penis On His Face

auburn-fratty-penis-faceYeah, the Auburn-Mississippi State was pretty much a snoozer but fratty made a major mistake passing out in the stands.

Of course someone is going to ask their wife/girlfriend for a Sharpie to write penises on your hands and face.

Major rookie foul after the jump.

Posted: September 13, 2009

Premise of Video: Auburn fratty passes out, his friends become Picasso’s. Memo to parents paying huge money for their sons to be in a frat at any college: your son will be humiliated for the humor of his brothers.

Climax of Video: Wait until the end to see the penis drawn onto this guy’s right cheek.

Conclusion: We wish there was a video of him walking out of the stadium. There must have been more than one “dick-face” comments Saturday night.

[HT: Friends of the Program]