Busted Coverage Makes Buckeye Fan Vomit Perfectly Good Chicken

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IutiW5B0LmQ[/youtube]

Posted: Just a couple hours ago

Premise of Video: Bob Puker had this tower of beer in front of him at Buffalo Wings and Things On High & 17th this afternoon. Not wanting to leave without a video, we talked Puker (whom we have no affiliation and don’t know) into chugging straight from the tap. There was money involved, of course. BC Investigative Art McGregor joined myself for some pregaming action. Art is your cameraman.

Climax of Video: We didn’t realize until after the editing process that you could see the dollar bills being thrown about Puker. But the real highlight came after the camera quit. Bob proceeded to vomit in his hand, all over the floor and out the door, giving High St. bums something to laugh at.

Conclusion: Buckeye fan is going to be very hungover and pissed in the morning.

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