The Afternoon Dump: 9/11 Tribute, Don’t Bribe Refs, Ohio-State Preview, New Commercials, The Legend of Michael Jordan, Coed Laura Grillo, & Spank Bank Jennifer Calloway

Not much to say today other then R.I.P. for all of those who past away 8 years ago. Hard to believe its been 8 years already.

9/11 Tribute Links
Jack Buck’s 9/11 Poem [Hugging Harold Reynolds]
U2’s 9/11 tribute [unpolitical]
Facebook Group for the 9/11 Generation [Facebook via Matt]

The Afternoon Dump
You should never bribe a referee with a watch [Sportress of Blogitude]
A quality start to the NFL season [Major League Jerk]
Ohio State-USC preview [Midwest Sports Fans]
Don’t worry Cub fans, there is hope now…well maybe [The Slanch Report]
Have to love the new commercials [Sports Crackle Pop]
Maya Angelou’s prediction for ’09-’10 season [Splog]
Remembering the legend of Michael Jordan [on 205th]
Gisela Dulko is hotter than Maria Sharapova [Anyguey]
Denise Milani wants you to join her [MoonDog Sports]
Miss COED: Laura Grillo [Coed]
Cristina Dumitru is one Romanian beauty [Frat Fury]
Hotties in the wild [Double Viking]
Jennifer Calloway is an awesome addition to the Spank Bank [Gorilla Mask]

Cuff ‘Em: Mets Streaker To Do Community Service At Citi Field?
Cuff ‘Em: Mets Streaker To Do Community Service At Citi Field?
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