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12 Brady Quinn Photos That Drive Gay Men Crazy

Just Sayin’.

Yes, a very similar post ran on BC about a year ago.

BC Freelance Photo Editor Big Gay Rich keeps pestering us to add the new photos he has rounded up.

Always an equal opportunity blogging outfit, we figured it was time to let Rich update his “Top 12 Steamy Brady Quinn Photos That Drive Gay Men Crazy,” list.

Look, BC is very comfortable with our sexuality. It will be straight Browns fan wearing Quinn’s #10 who will be questioning themselves after checking out this gallery.


Brady and Hummers at the Cleveland Auto Show


A classic, but Rich says this one is on many gay men’s computers


Brady and the fellas hit the lake


The Men’s Health magazine shoot


“Subtle, yet shows off the gun boats very well,” Rich reports


“No comment,” Rich says nearly choking on his breakfast


He puts himself in these positions, such as this shot from his sister’s wedding


The legend in earlier days when he posed quite often with other shirtless men




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