From The Couch: "Let's Bust A Nutt" At Congressman Zach Wamp's Memphis Tailgate


Wamp, the white guy holding the Dasani bottle.

Uh, this is probably not the sign you want at your tailgate if you are a Congressman who has dreams of becoming the next Governor from the great state of Tennessee.

(R.) Zach Wamp did some stumping at the Memphis-Ole Miss game this past weekend, shook some hands, took photos and somehow ended up in the same photo as Tigers coach Tommy West proclaiming “Let’s Bust A Nutt.” *Yes, Republicans, we know the Ole Miss coach is Houston Nutt. Relax and go find a Tea Party to hang out at.*

As a bonus to all of our loyal readers who like some Republican poon, we also have included (after the jump) a picture of Wamp’s college-aged daughter Coty (a Tennessee student) who was once called “One Of D.C.’s 50 Most Beautiful.”

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From Coty’s profile as one of D.C.’s most beautiful:

As for dating, Rep. Wamp says his daughter has had many suitors, but no one has gotten close enough to go through him yet. “She has dated many boys through the years,” he said. “I think she’s got a little of my mother in her. So she’s going to be hard to please.”