Daily Dump: ‘Bama Fan Absolutely Loses It, A.J. Pierzynski On WWE Raw, Oudin’s Grunts, Bill Stewart Hearts Beyonce, White NFL Receivers, Ashley Lowe Will Ruin You And Claudia Schiffer’s Ass


FSU Cowgirl Becky Thompson (red) hanging out with a few friends.

It’s finally time to drink Coors beer because they are the official beer of the NFL even though it’s a horrible swill.

The day is finally here where you start to second guess that 3rd round fantasy pick you made back in early August.

The day is finally here where every meathead walking down the street talks about his 5-team parlay that is a can’t miss.

Speaking of gambling, Art will be along later for his Pick Six column. He went 2-4 last week so plan your picks accordingly.



Today’s Dump:

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Today’s Tail:

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